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Behold another emblematic Chunky item that has been around since our humble origins at Vegan Vortex in 2016. These bad hombres of cinnamon rolls don't joke around. They are made with our super slow fermented VEGAN brioche sourdough, then rolled, plastered with cinnamon and vegan sugar, then coated with raisins and pecans, rolled and individually cut, and finally baked to perfection. As cherry on top, they are glazed with a vanilla frosting so feel free to lick your fingers, Chunky etiquette. Please allow a week to order since these are made with the utmost care and fermented to perfection for up to 36 hours. These flavors have no match out there! Chunky promise! FREE DELIVERY is included in pricing. We happily deliver to all of the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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