Our Products

Our name is pretty self-explanatory, we make vegan scones. However, that is not all we do or make. Since 2015, when our company was created, we have come up with several products and original recipes--many of these were firstly done by us and we are proud of that because in today's vegan scene, we have seen more merchants doing what we do, and that's okay because one of the principles of our philosophy is to empower vegans and non-vegans alike to create their own foods and be more involved in the way their food is produced. We want to be more than a money-making enterprise. 

Having said this, here is a brief list of the products we make and that you can find at any of the events we participate in throughout Chicagoland and anywhere else we are invited. Some of them you can order thru this site but because of the fragility of many of our products, they cannot be shipped. And some other items we only make seasonally or when there is an availability of ingredients. We are always developing new recipes or products so you will keep seeing new products from time to time.

Signature items:

Scones - assorted flavors

Conchas (Mexican pastry bread)

Cinnamon Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Donuts - assorted flavors


Tres Leches cake

Sourdough bread

Hojaldra bread (laminated bread)

Summer and Big Festivals items:

Mexican Corn

Fried Churros