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DELIVERY: 50 VEGAN BEIGNETS. That's right! 50!


If you have been to New Orleans, then you must have been to or heard of the famous Café du Monde in the French Quarter. They serve freshly fried beignets which are a type of fried donut as well as coffee with chicory root. Now you don't have to be there to experience beignets. Receive them in the comfort of your home for your party, gathering or just because! These delicious vegan naturally leavened beignets are made with my special vegan brioche recipe and they are one of my favorite items to make and eat! They won't disappoint! FREE DELIVERY included with your order to the City of Chicago or surrounding suburbs. Please allow ONE FULL WEEK to order since they take time to make and the dough slowly ferments to develop maximum flavor! P.S. The donut next to the pic is for scaling purposes.