Find us @ 733 St. John's, Highland Park, IL-60035. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 8AM-6PM. 847-780-3838


$30.00 - $42.00

Finally, we are able to offer our delicious and popular sourdough pizzas for delivery in the towns of Highland Park and Glencoe. Our pizzas are made with our artisan flours and doughs to give extra flavor and deliciousness to each of our pizzas. We make our own pizza sauce in the house at our bakery in Highland Park and we offer a variety of ingredients for you to choose from. PLEASE ALLOW ONE DAY to order since our pizzas are carefully made with our slowly fermented sourdough. DELIVERIES ARE ACCEPTED DURING BUSINESS HOURS ONLY FROM 11AM-5PM, TUESDAY TO SATURDAY. We ask you to please respect our delivery times since we are a small team, and we strive to provide you with the best service possible. All of our pizzas are 14 inches and serve 8 slices. A whole pizza feeds about 4 people. So please keep that in mind when ordering. Delivery fee is included in the price of all pizzas. FOR PICKUPS, PLEASE CALL 847-780-3838.

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